Completely in the canal hearing aid types, or CICs, refer to those in-the-canal products which are specifically manufactured to sit deep within the ear canal. A well-manufactured CIC may really be invisible, even when the ear containing the CIC is viewed side-on.

Hearing Aid Type - Completely in the CanalHearing Aid Type - Completely in the Canal Fitting

What are the pros and cons of CIC hearing aids?

Not surprisingly, the components used for CIC products are the smallest available – which does mean that battery life and available amplification is limited. User controls are also limited, at most a programme button only (although some can still be controlled via remote control).


+ Small size

+ Almost invisible

+ Individual fitting


- Battery life

- Amplification level

- User controls

For most CICs, the quality of the ear impression taken for the shell is critical and some manufacturers insist on providing further training to those hearing health professionals who wish to be able to order their CIC products.

The same advantages and disadvantages apply to CICs as for ITCs as discussed above.

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