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1) Name of Company     :                    Care and Cure Medical Services (pvt) Ltd.

2) Brand Name                :                    Care & Cure

3) Area of Action             :                     Whole Bangladesh.

4) Registered Office        :                    2/H, Jahera Manjeel, Golden Street,

                                                                Ring Road, Shaymoli, Dhaka-1207

5) Type Of Company    :                      Registered Private Company.

6) Type Of Business     :                       a. As an effect of the ageing of the population in general, the number of citizens with chronic diseases is increasing, especially among elderly people throughout the Baltic Sea Region. This is a                                                                     great challenge for both the well-being of the citizens and the public health care system. Health care solutions provided by information and communication technology ( ICT), also known as                                                                     eHealth, offer one solution to this problem. The tools and services which contribute to eHealth provide better and more efficient health care services for all.

                                                                b. Health care, to provide health care product easy to clients, Tele- Medicine ie. Tele Medical Consultation, Tele- Hospital ie, To provide Hospital service at the door of the client, Medi-Home                                                                     service, Counselling, Geriatric Care Service, Disable Care Service, Children care Center ie. Day Care Center With Education Health Care, to market medicare, Healthcare/medical instruments etc.

                                                                c. Objectives:

                                                                                        1. Better acceptance of ITC in Health Care.

                                                                                        2. Increased Awareness on eHealth among medical professionals an citizens.

                                                                                        3. Increasing patient responsibility for their own health.

                                                                                        4. Improving the mobility of citizens with chronic diseases.

7)Care & Cure Services:                        1. Order any kind of medicine by submitted prescription image. By clicking nonprescription medicine ( body care, skin care etc)

                                                                  2. E-Health subscriber, based on life time diseases. Like diabeted psychiatric disorders/ Geriatric Disorder's/Paralysis disorders and others.

                                                                  3. E-health Consultancy for Scheduled or Guest Visitor.\

                                                                  4. ICU type ambulance service on request.

                                                                  5. On Request nursing facility day or month basis.

                                                                  6. Day Care Center of Children.

                                                                  7. Request Doctor's Appoinment.

                                                                  8. 24 Hour's Call Center.

                                                                  9. Home Diagnostic Service ( i.e DM test, Pregnancy Test, ECG, Nebulization etc. services.